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Thank you so much to our Trans Caucus of 2023 for working hard to get this in-depth list of resources! 

WPATH has established internationally accepted Standards of Care (SOC) for the treatment of individuals with gender dysphoria.  These internationally accepted guidelines are designed to promote the health and welfare of transgender, transsexual and gender variant  persons in all cultural settings. The Standards of Care are updated and revised as new scientific information becomes available.


The current Standards of Care is Version 8. A PDF version can be located HERE for free.

Mission and Vision

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), formerly known as the (Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (HBIGDA), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, interdisciplinary professional and educational organization devoted to transgender health. Our professional, supporting, and student members engage in clinical and academic research to develop evidence-based medicine and strive to promote a high quality of care for transsexual, transgender, and gender-nonconforming individuals internationally. We are funded primarily through the support of our membership, and through donations and grants sponsored by non-commercial sources.


To promote evidence based care, education, research, public policy, and respect in transgender health.


We envision a world wherein people of all gender identities and gender expressions have access to evidence-based healthcare, social services, justice and equality.

Goals and Tasks

As an international interdisciplinary, professional organization, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) will work to further the understanding and treatment of gender dysphoria by professionals in medicine, psychology, law, social work, counseling, psychotherapy, family studies, sociology, anthropology, sexology, speech and voice therapy, and other related fields.


WPATH provides opportunities for professionals from various sub-specialties to communicate with each other in the context of research and treatment of gender dysphoria including sponsoring biennial scientific symposia.

WPATH publishes the Standards of Care and Ethical Guidelines, which articulate a professional consensus about the psychiatric, psychological, medical, and surgical management of gender dysphoria and help professionals understand the parameters within which they may offer assistance to those with these conditions.


SOC8 Homepage - WPATH World Professional Association for Transgender Health

Standards of Care - WPATH World Professional Association for Transgender Health

GrS Montréal is a private surgical complex offering gender affirming surgeries to trans and non-binary patients, located in Montreal Quebec.

Applicants for care should initiate the process with their local medical professionals to qualify for the required OHIP or provincial coverage.

Our surgeons are considered to be the most experienced in the field of gender reassignment surgery and perform more than 500 surgical procedures per year

Our values


To offer care in a spirit of support and goodness. Confidentiality, listening, open-mindedness and empathy are our top priorities.


To meet Accreditation Canada standards and exceed performance standards for quality and safe care.


It is reflected in our constant desire to offer the best possible care and services, to constantly strive to improve and to be demanding of ourselves.


To promote the employee’s autonomy by encouraging them to get involved and to give their best, thus contributing to the success of the organization.


Gender Affirming and Plastic Surgical Information

Detailed information regarding procedures performed at Montreal GRS can be located here:

Male to Female / MTF / MTX / Non-Binary

Female to Male / FTM / FTX / Non-Binary

LGBT YouthLine

LGBT YouthLine is a *2SLGBTQ+ youth-led organization that affirms and supports the experiences of youth (29 and under) across Ontario. We do this by:

  • Providing anonymous peer support and referrals;

  • Training youth to provide support to other youth; and

  • Providing resources so youth can make informed decisions.

Youth Line offers confidential and non-judgemental peer support through our telephone, text and chat services. Get in touch with a peer support volunteer from Sunday to Friday, 4:00PM to 9:30 PM.

At YouthLine, all our HelpLine volunteers are trained peer supporters aged 16-29, coming from a diversity of 2SLGBTQ+ identities and lived experiences. We serve all of Ontario.

We’re not counsellors, we’re peers who can relate, and we have been trained in active listening and relevant knowledge such as anti-oppression, anti-racism, sex and consent, STIs, HIV, self-care, and more. Some common things people call, text, or chat us to talk about include:

  • Questioning gender identity and/or sexual orientation

  • Coming out

  • Mental health

  • Relationships with friends, partners, and family

  • Feeling socially isolated

  • Seeking referrals to resources and supports online and in your community

  • Just to chat

NorWest Community Health Centres


The Other 10%

Meets every second Thursday during the school year. This group is facilitated by the children's Centre Thunder Bay.

The Other 10% is a group of self-identified LBGTTIQA +Questioning young people 12-25 years old. Find us on Facebook (link to or call (807) 343-5078 for more info. Watch facebook or the NorWest calendar for the September start date.


Gender Journeys

Gender Journeys Adult Group. Gender Journeys is a free 8-session group for adult trans-gender and questioning people (18 years and older). This group explores gender identity and expression and will provide reliable, up to date information on these topics. The group is designed to create a space to foster community support and connection. This group will respect the diversity of gender and sexuality and will be facilitated by Thunder Bay Gender Journeys Alumni. Phone Krista for more information and when this program is taking place (807) 626-7856.


Path 525

Our Harm Reduction Workers and Registered Nurses will connect clients to needed community resources such as housing, mental health and addiction services, primary health care, and, work with our community partners to address any unmet needs. 

For you and I, her and him, them and they, and everyone.


Umbrella Medical Clinic provides sexual health services for all ages, all genders, and all orientations. Our vision is to become a strong, caring voice for sexual health services in the Northwestern Ontario region.

Our Philosophy

Sex is a word that should not have to be whispered or that we should be afraid to discuss. It is something that we can talk about, and strive to improve, because we all deserve great, safe, and fulfilling sex lives.

Gender Affirming Healthcare

We support gender fluidity and appreciate that gender is a spectrum. We wish to promote better LGBTQI2S+ health outcomes by improving access to care within our community.

What we offer:

  • Gender affirming healthcare in a non-judgmental and caring environment

  • Providers that are trained by Rainbow Health Ontario

  • Access to gender affirming medication and monitoring

  • Referrals for gender affirming surgery including pre- and post-op care

Resource Library

Our Resource Library aims to collect and share the most relevant and reliable LGBT2SQ health resources for Ontario LGBT2SQ communities, service providers and others with an interest in LGBT2SQ health. Many resources are also available for purchase in the RHO Shop.

Service Provider Directory

This directory is designed to help you find health and social service providers who have expressed a commitment to providing competent and welcoming care to LGBT2SQ people in Ontario.

Trans Health Knowledge Base


Rainbow Health Ontario and our FAQs working group gathered these answers in response to questions we are commonly asked by trans and non-binary folks in Ontario. The questions and answers were designed for Ontario residents over the age of 18.

Where relevant and possible, we have included system navigation information for community members who face particular challenges when accessing healthcare, such as people who are Indigenous, newcomers, refugees, international students, people who do sex work, are HIV positive people and/or those who have mental health concerns, among others.

We’ve used plain language as much as possible to make this resource accessible and relevant to different people’s identities and experiences. These FAQs and their answers are intended to help you with the process of transitioning both socially and medically. We also hope they can help you find community.

Pride Central 

The LUSU Pride Central provides a safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, queer, intersex, and allies (2SLGBTQIA) students. It is open to all Lakehead University students (and community) with a focus on ending discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Sexuality and Gender Equity (SAGE) 

Thunder Bay is a community support group improving the health and well being of LGBTQ adults and teens.


Trans Lifeline

Canada (877) 330-6366

Trans Lifeline is run by and for trans people.

Trans Lifeline is a grassroots hotline and microgrants 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering direct emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis – for the trans community, by the trans community.



To make research evidence and evaluation practices accessible and relevant to Ontario’s grassroots youth sector through knowledge exchange, capacity building and evaluation leadership!

Supporting Transgender & Gender-Nonconforming Youth

Tips For Parents and Guardians of Transgender Youth

Asking About Gender: Confronting Assumptions and Challenging Transphobia

Direct Tools & Resources for Trans and Non-Binary Support

Self Care and Resources


Sexual Health

Healthcare Professionals


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