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Here are resources on issues related to 2SLGBTIAQ+ . If you wish us to add specific resources, please write to us.


Power & Privilege 

Check your Privilege here

The work is not about blame, shame, guilt, or whether one is a "nice person." It's about observing, realizing, thinking systemically and personally. It is about seeing privilege, the "up-side" of oppression and discrimination. It is about unearned advantage, which can also be described as exemption from discrimination.

This toolkit provides a list of resources to educate on ways to eradicate oppression. We learned a lot from these resources and hope you find them useful.

Native American Costume

Two Spirit

Please click on the link to see a touching video by the Regional Multicultural Youth Council, Thunder Bay, sharing stories of young Two Spirit/LGBTQ+ Indigenous Youth. 


We are currently developing resources on this topic. Thank you for your patience.

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We are currently developing resources on this topic. Thank you for your patience.

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How Can We Help

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding resources or need additional information by clicking here.

This resource provides a list of mental heal resources available in Thunder Bay and neighboring areas

The Sexual Health Clinic provides anonymous HIV testing and will answer other related questions.

There are multiple groups in TBay that can provide a support system for 2SLGBTIAQ+

Our Dream

Our dream is to have one unified, consolidated physical resource--a space where we can all meet and provide all sorts of awesome support to build a vibrant community. If you wish to support our dream, please click here.

Queer Coffee Nights

Our dream space will have a place people can convene over a cup of coffee and cookies and talk, share, and build community.

Starting every 2nd Thursday of the month May 2023. Click here for locations!


Technology is a huge need for developing a sustainable and growing community. We wish to bring access to technology to members who need it for their personal and professional growth.

Connect with your peers on our Private Discord Server


A space that supports artists and crafts from our community to showcase their talents and also offer 2SLGBTIAQ+ relevant merchandise 

Knowledge Commons

A space that not only houses a free library, but also a place to hold meetings and workshops, a space to learn...a space to grow!

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