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Are you an Employee, employer, student or teacher looking to add new tools to your tool box?  Interested in creating health conversations about gender, sexual diversity

Workshops are available for everyone and can be tailored to fit any of your specific needs and depth of discussion.

Contact us for your workshop needs!

Workshops that focus on current topics and for all audiences.
Built for your needs
"OMG I love this! Yes yes yes. You killed it. That’s the vision!"

Shalini - Plan Your Day Thunder Bay

"Thank you so much"

Lakehead Public Schools Equity and Inclusion Committee

Thunder Pride Candidate 2022 QnA.png

"Thank you for your engagement with candidates on behalf of the 2SLGBTIAQ+ community and beyond.  I believe that we must ensure that all candidates take equity and diversity as a constant effort, not just as a intermittent focus. "

Yuk-Sem Won - NPD 

"The MFRC was really pleased with the presentation and how it was tied to the military. Attendees noted that they were “actively and strongly actively engaged.” Thoughts from the attendees is they learned the importance of inclusivity and they learned how to better relate to the lgbtq2s+ community."

thunder bay military family resource center

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