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LBGT+ PARENTING: Ontario's Education Curriculum

Thunder Pride has been working alongside the Lakehead Public School board since the beginning (2012) and has grown to work alongside with also the Thunder Bay Catholic School board and the Conseil Scolaire de district Catholique des Aurores boréales to create clear communication on what students, parents, teachers and staff need to create an equitable, empathic, respectful school structure for all diversities.

Below is a simplified breakdown of what kids learn under The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1–8: Health and Physical Education, Interim Edition 2019. Thunder Pride created this current breakdown in March 2022 for an update with recommendations made by our board. We will be updating with on-going changes as years and policy evolve. With the misinformation being spread to parents about what is being taught in Ontario schools ie: gender, pronouns, identity, sexuality, etc. Here is a clear and simplified list we have made. Here is another breakdown by

In Ontario there is no "sex ed" for kindergarten. There is "Thinking about belonging and contributing" section to the curriculum framework.

Kindergarten is usually the first opportunity in a child’s life to be with children from all socio-economic backgrounds and participate in a program together. It is a key time for the development of all children. Under this framework, empathy, a sense of self, community and culture is taught. They are also taught what actions to take when they feel unsafe or uncomfortable, in person or online, and when and how to seek assistance.

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